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Grootech Iot Solution deploys customized applications for multiple business and provider benefits such as monitoring, efficiency, reduced downtime and better user experiences

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Our IoT platform is built to seamlessly connect your devices and gain insights from the data collected to make better business decisions. IoTConnect deploys customized applications for various businesses and provides benefits such as increased ROI, reduced downtime, and a better user experience. Explore

You can connect every device industrial protocol

Cloud Storage

We Provide API to fetch data accross platform

Historical Data

Your data is saved and can showing in trending chart


Large network you can access On premise / public

Collecting Data

We can collect your data and store it on our database

Alarm Notification

Compare data from anomaly process and give notification email /telegram

Advanced Customer Service Platform

Grootech iot Solution Integrates with your factory area devices and device connections to gain insight into the data collected and your devices to make better business decisions.

Timeline Product Development

1 Month Design Product
2 Month Programming
2 Month Programming Trial Project
1 Month Finishing And Packing